The perfect place to see,and learn about one of British Councils,Script Net project.Ta Leko is amoung Nigerians best five short films ever produced.See from behind the scenes,trailer,the cast and the superb crew members

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Welcome to Ta leko Home Page.In here you'll learn about the very best of struggle from young Nigerian film makers who stood up day and night to make theur dreams come true,and with the help of British Council and ScriptNet this dreams have been realised.

Ta leko is part of the scripts from jos written Rufa'i D Bawa,alongside Purdah by Grace L Sokyes also from jos.The other three scripts are selected from Kano,which includes:-

 Dari by Suleiman Suraj

Joker by Salisu Ahmad Koki

Sorrowfuljoy  by  Mustapha Adamu Indabawa                    

Its a worth while experience for the five new film makers who have the vision of changing the perspectives of the nigerian film industry. The young film makers say this is just the beggining of a global change. But not only the five finalist, whom don't see their selves as winners but lucky or previledged ones amoungsd others, that see the challenge coming for them, but also the remaining participants. Which inludes

Abel Benson -Writer/Actor

Ali M Ali -Writer/Director

Ifeanyi Iloduba -Cinematographer

Rabi Dabo - Writer

Deborah Obafemi - Writer/Actress

Dindul Dul Johnson - Writer/Producer

A'isha Usman - Writer/Critic

Monica Bawa - Producer

Fatima S Iliyasu - Singer/Actress

Musa Suleiman Musa - Writer/Director/Set Designer

Imam Abubakar - Writer/Director

Sa'adatu Adamu - Writer/Producer

The journey so far..

The entire project started in july 2004 with fourty young writters,twenty from jos, and twenty from kano.After a two week training by a facilitator from the uk in person of Mrs. Judy Holland,the perticipants formed a group each in there various locations,twenty writters were then selected ten apiece.The second round took place in kano were then the participants formed the national body of their both forums,an election was conducted and the following became the stiring heads of the forum.

President:- Lawan Farouq Da'u

Vice-President:-  Illiyasu Kasimu

Gen Secretary:- Rufa'i D Bawa

Ass.Gen Secretary:- Ahmad Abubakar

Financial Sec:-Husein Umar Najidda

Treasurer:- Zara'u Moh'd

P.R.O:- Mustapha Adamu Indabawa

Reel Dialogue

Reel dialogue is part of connecting futures project. A project initiated to bring together youths from different cultural baground to understands each others culture.


In a land where everyone fights for LOVE A young disable cripple falls in love with a beauty QUEEN. Find Out what happens in the most moving love folk tale ever TA LEKO 

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